Cyprus Vital Signs

A journey to enchantement


The Cyprus Vital signs report is a daily digest of tourism indicators, and other socioeconomic and environmental data for Cyprus. Autonomous algorithms run nightly on virtual machines, fetch and transform data from various public databases into visual representations, and piece them together into video presentations. Tourism is hereby perceived as a digital activity performed in theĀ  cloud.


A digital sketchbook, 10 scenes, 10 experiments, 10 variations. An artistic exploration of the many facets of sustainability and tourism in Cyprus. Through the making of this series, we question the impact of human activities on the environment, we develop an ecological sensitivity.


A narration of the story of tourism and its modern development. Existential questions arise in times of multiple concurrent global crises. The animation is a visual representation of the Anthropocene, the end of modernity.


10 prints marking the end of the journey. Having landed on an enchanted earth, we are awakening to a new future preserving cosmology. The prints acknowledge the existence of other living and non-living entities with which humans must learn to coexist.

Cyprus Vital Signs Awakening, 10 x 4'' x 34'' (10 x 61cm x 86cm), woodblock prints, oil on paper



:REWORLD | MEET Center, Milan, 2022

@Francesco Prandoni

@Francesco Prandoni

@Francesco Prandoni

@Francesco Prandoni

@Francesco Prandoni

WIP | CYENS, Nicosia, 2022