2007 Q4

Art statement

As the old saying goes, nothing is certain but death and taxes. Therefore I may be drawn into thinking that everything else could be or should be taken very lightheartedly. In the midst of uncertainty, why does everyone look so serious? Is it because everyone is afraid? I understand that holding onto an illusion may bring some relieve and stability. Yet falling into disbelieve seems quite inevitable. Painting could perhaps be used as a tool to explore the limits of a contingent existence. Searching for beauty is rather necessary, because it may offer some true relieve.

I painted a series of portraits, in an effort to find what is ineffable in my relationships with the people I care about. Pre-Columbian Olmec clay figurines stroke me with their radiant joy. What a lesson on existentialism: 2500 years and yet nothing to fear. And now year 2007 is ending, “saludos del paraiso” are very welcome.

Saludos del paraiso 1

Saludos del paraiso 2

Saludos del paraiso 3

Walking stranger


Hola Jaro

Olmec figurine 1

Olmec figurine 4

Hola Joseph 1

Hola Joseph 2

Hola Ale

Hola Joseph 3