2008 Q1

Stillness to exist

We thought we could google the internet for one answer. We found millions of technicalities. Movement is so appealing, that without us knowing, it freezes our thoughts, dissolves our soul. Everything there is, is right here in our proximity; and we are hungry.

What lies at the bottom of the mainstream? Do we really know? The more we look around, the more we see people like us. This is comforting, we may just let the world speak for itself. Or shall we not end up eating each other? Mozart keep playing!

Painting has so many meanings; what does it mean to us? A longing for peace? For emptiness? Lao Tseu wrote everything there was to say. Yet millions of books came after him. Do we want emptiness?

Cezanne wrote: “I am old and ill, and I have sworn to die painting rather than to waste away vilely in the manner that threatens old men who allow themselves to be dominated by passions that coarsen their senses”. And here with Cezanne, we finally found a key. Searching for a timeless being is meaningless. Instead, let us find timelessness on a flat canvas, and let the canvas whisper and dissolve in the face of the world. Life is not eternal, but life can turn into one infinite succession of timeless moments. Now is time to paint again. We will not read Heidegger.