Glenn's school

Art statement

Let my heart shrink to the size of a dry fig and I’ll paint the canvas in black. I cannot let the spirit starve in a dark little hole and my mouth get full of dust. If I fall down on my knees, tiny nasty insects will bite my butt. Ouch it hurts, that’s enough.

The canvas is mine! Beware spectator, do not trespass or my guardian will chop your head off. A foot in the sky; what a lovely thought! I hope you don’t mind the smell. The NASDAQ is down; merde! How is my asset portfolio performing? This is serious business, but my cat doesn’t care; he is happy! And a little hungry.

Where am I going? I am not sure yet, I haven’t decided yet. Painting is the place where I live. The rooms are spacious, but a little messy you might think. Through some large windows, the sun pours fresh colors on my walls. It feels good here. There is music playing in my head; it is time to write a symphony.

Travel cat


Skákal pes přes oves, přes zelenou louku

Mental arithmetic on the heart

Pythagoras of Samos

Dirac or David ?

Little man 2

Warming fire

Lonely Universe

Little man 1

Je t'aime, moi non plus

Le mystère de la forêt

Asrael flew over San Fransisco

Fantômas, Lord of Terror



Love & Compassion

People making a difference

Pejsku náš, co děláš

Astrorobot, nature morte

Pumpkin season

Phoenix Fila

On the edge of time

Hopla Loplop

An eye for an eye



Le rayon encore vert



Lonely maze

Lonely forest

Le rayon vert